Soft Cell: Say Hello Wave Goodbye

Whizz Kid Productions for BBC
Director: Guy Evans
Numbers. Numbers never tell you the whole story. But with Soft Cell, the numbers speak loudly. For example, 21 million records sold worldwide. Thirteen UK chart singles, five of them Top 10 hits. Two gold and one platinum-selling albums. (And, belatedly, one O.B.E.)
Many of the most astounding Soft Cell stats, of course, relate to one single: the duo’s inspired and irresistible 1981 reworking of Tainted Love, originally an obscure Northern Soul tune by Gloria Jones.
This film tells their story leading up to their O2 concerts this September.

How The Victorians Built Britain
October Films for Channel 5
Directors: Michael Wadding, Joseph Cunningham, Maddy Gerry, James Grey
4 x 1 Hour Documentary presented by Michael Buerk telling the story of the pioneering Victorian Engineers and how they changed the way we lived and worked.

Web of Lies - Drama Shoot
Blast Films for Discovery
Director: Adam Warner
2 x 1 Hour Drama shot in Toronto. With one quick click the Internet allows people to share information like family photos and professional accomplishments, making it easy to ignore or forget that behind clever screen names and witty captions is a dark digital world with real dangers and risks. In hourlong episodes "Web of Lies" unravels tragic stories of deception and manipulation triggered by online interactions, from predators lurking behind Facebook profiles to creeps scouring chat rooms for their victims. Re-enactments are buttressed by comments from law enforcement personnel, true-crime experts and psychologists, plus first-person accounts from friends and families of the victims.

Muriel Spark
STV for Sky Arts
Director: Alison Pinkney
Award Winning Crime Writer Ian Rankin has admired Muriel Spark's writing since he started writing himself. He traces the story of her life and works, follwing her to her final resting place in Italy.

Titans of Transport: Flying Scotsman
Channel 5
Director: Michael Wadding
Rob Bell tells the story of Flying Scotsman and the history of this famous locomotive.

Ross Kemp in Jail: Inside Barlinnie
Director: Louise Say
BAFTA-winning investigative journalist embeds himself in Glasgow’s HMP Barlinnie, a prison that has served the city for nearly 150 years.

Dunkirk: The New Evidence
Blink Films for Channel 4
Director: John Hayes Fisher
Dunkirk has long been viewed as the RAF's poorest hour, but this documentary draws on new evidence to reveal the hidden story of the key role that they played in the evacuation.

The Great American Eclipse
Pioneer Productions for Discovery Science
Director: Paul O'Connor
On August 21st 2017 the USA will experience a total Eclipse across the mainland. This documentary explores the science that will be used to monitor this event. Filming with NASA and Community projects around the USA.

The Firefighters' Story: 100 Years of The Fire Brigades Union
In Focus Productions
Director: Emma Webster
A film for the Fire Brigade Union with Matt Wrack uncovering the 100 years of History of the FBU and how it has influenced policy and safety over the years. From The Blitz, where Auxilliary Fireman's families could not afford to bury their dead relative to today and the effects of the fire at Grenfell Tower in 2017.

Horrible Histories
Lion Cubs Productions
Director: Tom Miller
Rattus Rattus, the Horrible Histories talking rat, guides you through the ages from the Savage Stone Age to the all-new Troublesome Twentieth Century, via Rotten Romans, Terrible Tudors, Vile Victorians and even the Woeful Second World War.

See No Evil: Sian O'Callaghan
Arrow Media for Discovery
Director: Lydia Delmonte
Sian O'Callaghan was a 22-year-old woman who disappeared from Swindon, Wiltshire, having last been seen at a nightclub in the town in the early hours of 19 March 2011. Her body was found on 24 March 2011 near Uffington in Oxfordshire. On 19 October 2012, at Bristol Crown Court, Christopher Halliwell, 48, pleaded guilty to O'Callaghan's murder. This Drama Documentary tells the story of how the Police caught her killer.

The Beatles: Eight Days a Week- The Touring Years
BAFTA Nominated 2017
Feature Documentary
Director: Ron Howard
IN 1962 FOUR YOUNG MEN JOHN LENNON, PAUL McCARTNEY, GEORGE HARRISON AND RINGO STARR CAME TOGETHER TO FORM THE 20TH CENTURY MUSICAL PHENOMENON KNOWN AS, “THE BEATLES.” The band stormed Europe in 1963, and, in 1964, they conquered America. Their groundbreaking world tours changed global youth culture forever and, arguably, invented mass entertainment as we know it today. All the while, the group were composing and recording a series of extraordinarily successful singles and albums. However the relentless pressure of such unprecedented fame, that in 1966 became uncontrollable turmoil, led to the decision to stop touring. In the ensuing years The Beatles were then free to focus on a series of albums that changed the face of recorded music. Master storyteller and Oscar winner, Ron Howard, explores this incredible journey in his own unique way: How did The Beatles do this? How did they cope with all the fame and pressure? How did they not only survive, but go on to revolutionise popular music? With original interviews, footage, staggering live performances, and the intimate study of character that Ron Howard is known for, he puts us right inside this extraordinary adventure, answering the question everyone always wants to know: What was it like to be there?!!

Titanic: The New Evidence
Blink Films for C4
Director: Sam Taplin
This documentary draws on new evidence to reveal that a fire was raging in Titanic's boiler rooms before she left port, that it was kept secret and, it's now believed, that it led to the tragedy.

A Very Sicilian Justice: Taking on The Mafia
Winner Best Documentary at The Manchester International Film Festival 2017
Al Jazeera Feature
Director: Paul Sapin
A Very Sicilian Justice , narrated by Helen Mirren, is an intimate portrait of an Italian judge living under constant threat as he tries to take on the mafia. Among those profiled in the film are a former mafia assassin-turned-state witness as well as Borsellino's brother, and the son of late former mayor of Palermo Vito Ciancimino, who was also known as "Don Vito".
A story of blackmail, conspiracy, courage and fear.
"I was brought up with the legend of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino. I was a law student when they were working on the Maxi Trial. In those men ... I saw a chance to fight back," Di Matteo says.

He has received a series of death threats. In an attempt to halt the trial, Riina, who is now behind bars, called for Di Matteo's assassination. He was caught on a prison CCTV camera telling a fellow prisoner: "So if we can, kill him. It'll be an execution like we used to have in Palermo."

Raising Pompeii
Director: Michael Wadding
Presented by Michael Buerk and Dr David Suzuki, Raising Pompeii [1x60] will use incredible CGI and Drama to lift Pompeii from the ashes and bring it back to life. Drawing on the expertise of world-class experts and leading CGI animators, the programme will recreate ancient Pompeii as a photorealistic virtual city.
Filming in Italy, France, Spain and Bulgaria for TwoFour Productions.

Hitler: The Rise and Fall
Blink Productions for C4
Director: Stan Griffin, Sam Taplin, Anna Thomson
World renowned experts reveal the man behing the monster- taking us into Hitler's mind and revealing how he was able to go from jobless loner to ruthless dictator.
Filmed in London, USA, Poland and Germany

American Monster- Drama Shoot
Arrow Media for Investigation Discovery
Director: Adam Warner
Episode 3: Wave to Daddy The daughter of one of America's most notorious killers gives an exclusive interview, taking us on a journey into the eyes of a cold-blooded monster. Never-before-seen footage reveals the devastating double life of a murderer and his horrific crimes.
Episode 4: : Sing for the Camera In the summer of 2014, a peaceful community in Hartford, WI is shaken to its core when a local teenager is found dead...the victim of a murder, and the second victim in two days. The community must now come to terms that a killer lives among them.

EUX Media Feature Documentary
Director: Ryan Scott-Warren
Sir Stanley Matthews is the Worlds most famous footballer. A reminder of the powerful influence that still resonates from his name. Sir Stanley, passionate about developing the game in South Africa, ignored apartheid and racial segregation. Hailed as the “black man with the white face”, he was recognised as the first sportsman to pioneer international charity work with his largely unknown but extensive annual coaching of underprivileged children. Filming in UK, USA and South Africa.

Lockerbie: The Cover Up
Al Jazeera/BBC
Director: Bill Cran
4th Film shot over 5 years. This reveals the buried truth and evidence behind the bombing of Pan Am 103 and CIA involvement. Shot in the UK, USA, Switzerland and Malta.

The Secrets of Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Leopard Films for the BBC
Director: Guy Evans
Ludwig Van Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is perhaps the 'Greatest' of all classical pieces of Music. It's certainly one of the most famous, the first four notes are once heard and never forgotton. Sir John Eliot Gardiner and Ian Hislop trace the story of the music.
Filmed in London, Bonn, Paris and Vienna

Mozart in Prague: Rolando Villazon on Don Giovanni
Renegade for BBC
Director: Guy Evans
Don Giovanni had its premiere performance in Prague on October 29, 1787. Mozart's vastly successful opera, based on the stories of legendary libertine Don Juan, delighted the city that had taken him to their hearts. But what brought them all - composer and audience, theatre manager and cast - to this time and place?

Acclaimed tenor Rolando Villazon presents the story of one of the best-known operas of all time. Based in Prague, Rolando explores the run-up to that candle-lit first performance, looking at the music of the opera and the social setting in which it was first performed, before recreating the finale of the opera close to how it would have looked and sounded on that autumn evening.

The Queen's Big Night Out
Director: Michael Wadding
The remarkable story of the night when the Queen celebrated VE Day on London's streets with the jubilant London crowds.

Nazi: Secret Files
Discovery and C4
Director: Sam Taplin
How the Nazi's developed Rocket Technology and Experimental Drug use in WW2. Filmed in Germany, Poland and the USA

Churchill: The Nations Farewell
Blakeway Productions for the BBC
Director: John Hayes Fisher
Jeremy Paxman looks back at 50 years since Sir Winston Churchill's funeral, meeting people who were there, family, modern day Politicians and asking the question 'Is he still relevent in todays society?'

1: Life On The Limit
Director: Paul Crowder Premier at London Film Festival 2013
Following in the tyre treads of Senna and Rush but with a distinct take all of its own, 1 is an exciting and engrossing history of Formula One motor racing since the official inception of the World Championship in 1950 (with a brief foray into the pre-war years) up to the modern day. The particular powerful focus for Paul Crowder’s film is the glamorous but ultra-dangerous, indeed regularly deadly, years of racing in the 1960s and 1970s, and the charismatic characters who lived and died in the era (such as Jim Clark, Jochen Rindt, Francois Cevert, Ronnie Peterson and Gilles Villeneuve) before safety regulations were (slowly) introduced. Even so, it wasn’t until 1996, in response to the death of racing icon Ayrton Senna two years earlier, that a reformed F1 emerged in which appalling accidents began to become survivable. With a stellar cast of past and present racing-driver superstars and other important figures in the sport and spectacular, often rare, archival footage, 1 is a well-told and very moving history.

BBC Horizon: Mission to Mars
Director: Alex Hearle
NASA hope to have a manned flight to Mars by 2030. This film shows how the planning and building is starting. Filming in the USA

Dispatches: The Police's Dirty Secret
C4 Director: Katie Churcher
Dispatches exposes the shocking story of Britain's secret police and how undercover officers reportedly used sex and lies to spy on members of the public.
The programme reveals the names of high-profile targets spied on by the police.
Through the personal testimony of a whistleblower who operated deep undercover for four years, the film examines the ethically dubious tactics of a clandestine unit within the Metropolitan police.

Mail Order Murder
Pioneer Productions for Discovery
Director: Tony Mitchell
6 x 1 Hour Drama shot in Toronto
Everyone knows that the path to love is not always an easy one. For this reason, thousands of men every year in the US and around the world choose to take their search for a partner abroad, either travelling to far off countries in the hope of meeting a foreign woman, or by browsing a mail order bride catalogue, or some of the many specialized foreign bride websites. ...but unfortunately for many, the dream can fast turn into a nightmare, and lead to stalking, kidnap, fraud.... and even murder.

Worlds Greatest Disasters: Mega Tsunami
National Geographic
Director: George Harris
Documentary shot in the USA, Indonesia and Europe 10 years on from the Boxing Day Tsunami. The lessons learnt and the new Science behind trying to predict the next big Tsunami.

The Man From The Ministry
Feature Doc
Director: Lou Hamilton
Don Stewart has been an Evangelist Preacher and Healer for over 40 years. This is his story. The controversy, the scandal, the miracles, the faith, the man behind the Ministry.

Mega Tsunami
Director: Martin Pupp
A 90 minute Drama Documentary. A fault line runs down the Island of Las Palmas in The Canaries. If this breaks off due to Seismic activity then the Eastern Seaboard of the USA is at risk from a Tsunami of catastrophic scale. This film tells the story of what would happen. Shot on HD in Spain and the USA

Director: Lou Hamilton
Short Drama about the death of a soldier in Afghanistan and the consequences for the family back home. Shot on HD in the UK

Why Was The Lockerbie Bomber Released?
Al Jazeera/WGBH PBS
Director: William Cran
Abdelbaset al-Megrahi was released on the 20th August 2009 on compassionate grounds. This was weeks before his appeal was to be heard. This revelatory film goes through the evidence used to convict him and discovers what really happened during the investigation into the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103. Shot on HD in Malta and the UK

Who Do You Think You Are?
Director: Michael Wadding
Stricly judge Len Goodman traces his family history. His journey takes him to Poland where he finds out about his heroic Ancestor.

Maestros Of India
Director: Lou Hamilton
Feature Documentary filming over a year about the Indian Classical Music Maestros. With the music not written down and the Maestros in old age; the tradition is passed on to dedicated young Disciples from their Maestro Guru. A Process that can take up to 35 years. Shot on HD in India
Best Humanitarian Screenplay Monaco Film Festival 2010
Official Selection Byron Bay Film Festival 2011
Women’s International Film and Arts Film Festival Florida 2011
New Hope International Film Festival USA 2011

Desire of the Pitbull Warrior
Director: Lou Hamilton
Short drama about two strangers who meet on a train and who’s preconceived ideas of each other are changed during the encounter. Shot on HD
Short Film Corner at Cannes 2011

Glasgow 2014 Handover Film
Commercial Presentation
Director: George Scott
Following 300 dancers from Scotland to Delhi as they perform the Handover Ceremony for the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Shot on HD in Scotland and India

The Spice Trail
Director: Paul Sapin
This three part series follows Kate Humble on her search for the story behind some of the worlds most amazing tastes. Following in the footsteps of Explorers like Vasco De Gama as they searched for the biggest prize of hidden spices. Shot on HD in Mexico, Sri Lanka, India, Iran, Italy, Spain and the UK

Miracles of Birth
Director: Kate Dart
This film follows four families who’s children’s lives have been saved by pioneering fetal surgery. Shot on HD in Canada, USA and the UK

Being Martin
Feature Doc
Director: Lou Hamilton
Martin Symons was born with two conditions, Klippeil Feil Syndrome and a lust for Life! Martin Symons, who can barely walk 50 metres and needs a ventilator to stay alive, plans to wheelchair across England to raise money for the nation's leading respiratory unit in his latest charity challenge. Filmed over a year we watch Martin prepare for his journey and all the problems he faces head on. Shot on HD
Moondance Film Festival 2010 Winner Best Short Feature
Going Green International Film Festival, Writers Guild Beverly Hills 2010
Soho Rushes Film Festival 2010

Do The Reggae ‘The Story of Toots’
Director: George Scott
Toots and The Maytals were the founders of the word ‘Reggae’. This film tells the story of Toots Hibbert and his influence on worldwide music and of his roots in his homeland of Jamaica. Shot on HD in Jamaica and the UK.

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